Policies & Amenities

We are perfectly located in the heart of Downtown Albuquerque with the main attractions within walking distance. Check out our "Links" page to see what's happening in our local community!

  • We provide a great atmosphere and many activities, like walking tours, pub crawls and the very famous Rt 66 where you can easily meet many people and socialize even if travelling alone.
  • We are an old building we have a lovely comfortable living room, a dinning room, a great kitchen, a patio and most importantly, great beds in spacious rooms, all with  beautiful big windows. 
  • Come experience our unique atmosphere and discover Mother Road with us!

The building has since been opened as a hostel for a very long time and is described as a “safe haven for travelers, artists, and all high-spirited people.  Rooms are bright and airy. 

Mission statements – The present owners are long-term Albuquerque residents and professionals. They are intent upon preserving the historic features of the building, both inside and out, while maintaining the livability of the residence and providing an atmosphere of fun for guests from all corners of the world!

Company policies – 

      Check-in is 4:00 pm and Check-out is 10:30 am

  • Room fees are to be paid at check–in.
  • Guests adding additional nights to their stay must do so by 10:30 am.
  • Sleeping Bags must be stored in a designated place for the duration of your stay (bed-bug prevention measure, for the good of all)
  • Guests are expected to clean up after themselves in a reasonable time and fashion in any and all common areas
  • Food stored in common areas must be labelled if you do not want to share it with all
  • Individual guests may cancel a confirmed reservation without penalty up to fourteen days prior to scheduled arrival. Late cancellations will incur a minimum charge equal to one scheduled night's stay.
  • For groups (6 or more individuals) please inquire about rates, deposits and cancellation terms

Hosteling is a great way to go if you're looking to save money as you travel, but it's not just about living on the cheap. Staying at hostels, you will have interesting, unpredictable experiences with guests whose stories and itineraries are as diverse as the states and countries from which they come. Prepare your own food, or share a meal with a new friend! Hosteling is not just for the international travelling youth, though it has become widely associated with that demographic in the USA in recent years. At the Mother Road you'll meet people travelling America for the first time and people who have been travelling our country for decades. Most of all, when you stay at a hostel, you MEET PEOPLE!




Private Room (shared bathroom)


Private Room (Private Bathroom)


Dormitory Bed


Michael Vega


Super power : A medium, a channel. Speaks through the universe.

Matthew Hoffman

Proclivities include: Empowerment, elevation, and a tenacity for climbing ROCKS, big ones.

Proclivities include: Empowerment, elevation, and a tenacity for climbing ROCKS, big ones.

Lucas Cain

Within his facade lies a deep passion for hospitality. Furthermore, if there is a deal out there, he

Within his facade lies a deep passion for hospitality. Furthermore, if there is a deal out there, Lucas will find it.......along with a place to plug it in.

Rachel Sanchez


Rachel Lee Sanchez - OWNER, Queen Bee, Mother Leopard, Duchess of our Duke City Hostel. Rules the nest with a sharp sword, but fair and kind to all who pass through these walls.

Joel Sanchez


Joel Jeronimo Sanchez - OWNER - The foundation of the manor. Protector of the peace. Robin of the hood. Servanthood is his assignment. All for one, one for all.

Favorite movie quote: "We're putting the band back together. We're on a mission from god". Belushi/Aykroyd

Michael Harding


Michael Harding - So cool they named an Alaskan icefield after him. Words to paper is his game. Slips in at night, naps at noontime. Red heads, blue tales, two colored sides of the same coin, he's not buying it.